“The Egg Crisis”

The Alternative For Egg Crisis

U.S. is experiencing the worst outbreak of bird flu ever seen, killing nearly 45 million of chickens and turkeys, which is causing a high rise in egg prices. In Iowa alone, the outbreak at commercial farms has led the loss of nearly 30 million chickens, or nearly 10% of the nation´s egg-laying hens.


The industrial manufacturers are experiencing a nightmare, Chains like “Whataburger” had to limit the breakfast-serving hours due to the egg shortage, but many other food companies need to pay a lot more for eggs, or the packaged liquid yolk and whites and the frozen egg products. But the biggest impact is in companies that use breaker eggs (those cracked and sold in liquid form) because nearly 90% of the eggs taken out of production were meant for the egg processing market, and this week they have been forced to buy consumer-grade fresh eggs, normally sold in cartons to shoppers, and driving costs higher, so suppliers of breaker eggs could drop to as little as 25% of the usual supply by mid-summer. Chad Gregory, chief executive of United Egg Producers, confirmed that “This is a devastation unlike any other in the history of the industry”.


And the problem is just starting, Post Holdings Inc. has warned that bird flu will hurt fiscal 2015 for the first time since 2008, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it will take 18 months to two years to replenish the country´s flock of laying hens. Effects of the disease´s rapid spread are just starting to show up at the supermarket, households are worried because egg prices will continue to increase while the availability will decrease, nowadays the price of a dozen of eggs shot up 57% and experts say that it usually takes time before companies decide to pass on higher costs to consumers, egg suppliers react, but the problem may not go away anytime soon. Prices for breaker eggs started reaching records last month. To make up for supply losses, buyers are snapping up consumer-grade fresh eggs, normally sold in cartons to shoppers, and driving costs higher. What´s more, many of the hens affected by the avian flu produce eggs that are then sold in liquid form to restaurants or manufacturers of products such as ice cream, bread and salad dressing. In order to face the crisis, Tangible NOUS, a food innovation company is getting a lot of attention, it offers a product called EGGXTENDER which is an Egg made with 100% natural ingredients that through technology, offers benefits in both health, flavor and functionality and is an excellent solution to overcome the current crisis at an affordable standard price, free of the market fluctuation. “In NOUS we have taken the best parts of the egg, and added vegetable-based proteins and fibers to develop the first fat and cholesterol free egg”  



• No refrigeration needed
• Easy to store
• Functional characteristics similar to egg • Increases shelflife
• Ready-to-cook
• Easy preparation
• Eliminates fragile eggshell
• Reduce the use of oil
• No shrinkage


• Up to 90% Less cholesterol
• Up to 40% less calories
than fresh egg
• Vegetable-Animal proteín based • Added with fiber

(for a better digestion)
• Shigella and Salmonela free

Get more information about the 5 different variations of Eggxtender: eggxtender.com , Or contact NOUS: (+52) 444 8 12 17 29.

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