Tangible NOUS present in World Food Istanbul 2015

Expo Istanbul

From 3rd to 6th September Tangible NOUS attended
Istanbul World Food 2015 Pavilion ProMéxico.



Romina Aguilar, representative of Tangible NOUS abroad, talked to us about her experience.

“The new style of life and accelerated immersion of women in labor matters has led to new needs that the food industry must meet. The foreign community is increasingly demanding food innovations. The most valuable qualities of food: immediate, instantaneous and high nutritional value of food, attributes that must go hand in hand”.

Countries such as Kosovo, South Africa, Spain, Korea, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and of course Turkey expressed much interest in the Tangible Nous developments presented as a response to new trends and needs of its customers.

Especially in the free phosphate injection for meat preparation, vegetable cheese, which caught the attention of children and adults and vegetal milk, which represented a resounding success.

Thanks to these exhibitions abroad Tangible Nous is coming to other potential markets through its technologies, which have proven to be global in nature and for all kinds of customers, as they represent unique advantages in health and functionality.

We continue with the challenge of communicating our sustainable solutions for the food industry and our mission of “Putting our food technology at any table, anywhere in the world.”


Expo Istanbul 2


For more information send an email to ventas@tangiblenous.com shortly sales agent will contact you.

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