Tangible Nous & Movement “Slow Food”

“Slow Food” is an international movement against the standardization of taste
in food and what is known as Fast Food, instead, promotes the dissemination of a
philosophy that combines pleasure with knowledge


Slowfood is in favor of good, clean and fair food, it has more than 83,000 members, mainly in Italy where there are 35,000 people registered.

According to the statute of Slow Food Italy and France, the objectives of the association are:

a) Grant cultural dignity to topics related to food and eating.

b) Identify foodstuffs and production patterns linked to a territory, in a perspective of safeguarding biodiversity, promoting its categorization and protection as cultural property.

c) Increase food culture of citizenship and in particular the younger generation, in order to achieve full awareness of the right to pleasure and taste.

d) To promote the practice of a different quality of life, based on respect for the natural rhythm and time, the environment and health of consumers, favoring the fruition of those representing the maximum qualitative expression.

Tangible innovations developed in Nous are 100% natural and allow the development of any dish typical to traditional while reducing calories and are for all consumers and which are allergen-free, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Low Fat, Cholesterol Among other advantages.

Tangible Nous, as a responsible company committed to society, supports the consumption of healthy and safe food available for all markets and sustainable.

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