Malnutrition and Obesity: Health problem in increase.

One of the major problems of the world, mainly in developing countries is malnutrition. Malnutrition or undesirable physical conditions of disease related to nutrition, can be caused by eating too little, too much or an unbalanced diet that no contains all the nutrients necessary for good nutritional status.

RCIA: Comprehensive Calorie Reduction in Foods

Is a movement created by our company where we promote social inclusion, welfare, health, solidarity and sustainability as we started a frontal fight against obesity, cholesterol and cardiovascular problems. RCIA proposes that through innovation alternatives that reduces the calorie content in foods but preserving a good nutritional level offered.

Our proposal is:


1) Cuantitative Effect: It is the sensitive and categorical reduction of calories.


2) Qualitative Effect: It is the overall improvement of the product’s ingredients positively affect the nutritional quality.


3) Organoleptic and fisco-mimetic quality: Preserve the identity of food, measurement parameters and their wealth and organoleptic quality.


We have the double challenge to combat malnutrition and reduce overweight and obesity.