Clues to understand To be sustainable is the future of successful companies

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The food industry has been transformed according to the needs of society changes. Evolution is growing fast thanks to all the advances of technology and the proposal´s leaders that have led to many ideas have expiration date and give space to new ways of thinking and doing.
The new wave of environmental protection has reached fertile land to raise awareness of our thinking must change to make an improvement and create a better world in time without sacrificing the development and welfare of future generations.

Industry for environmental protection

Large industries worldwide have played an important role in helping to facilitate the life of society making it more efficient and effective, but also in the generation of wastes and polluting gases inevitably hit the natural environment, which is why they need adopt an environmentally friendly strategy to address and provide benefits for the conservation of natural development.

Investors seek to promote green companies 

In addition to the many benefits that directly affect provide welfare for society, industries that are sustainable respond to market trends, meet environmental regulations and generate higher profits. Investors are increasingly aware of companies that have a sustainability report. This proposal is a challenge for companies as they must be economically efficient and, at the same time responsible with green backdrop. Certifications and environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, particularly in developed countries where society represents an increasingly broad and informed sector.

Trend: Consumers interested in sustainable products 

There is also a market trend to prefer brands committed to the environment which are expanding rapidly. Consumers are fixing their attention on brands that generate value proposals in favor of the environment. Growth in the company image as an ethical and environmentally conscious brand has hand growth in sales. The cost-benefit of implementing eco-efficient solutions is essential to be competitive; differentiate by the price is no longer an option, consumers are taking priority other variables involving sustainable. Those leaders who have understood that sustainability is an area of ​​opportunity and not a nuisance have managed to reduce production costs, improve its image and reputation, differentiate from the competition, saving raw materials and inputs, capitalize on new opportunities, comply with legislation, meet customer needs and position themselves as leaders in their field.

Generating a value proposition for consumers 

Therefore Tangible NOUS is generating an initiative in which we support and apply skills to achieve an immediate sustained economic prosperity while protecting the natural systems of the planet and providing a high quality of life for people. Tangible NOUS believe in a quality environment promotes a sustainable society in which economic development, social welfare and integration are united in common environmental welfare for proper relationship between nature and its resources with the human race and its biological, economic and social needs.


We want to spread and promote a message that nurtures and not just stay on the network, we want to create a positive impact and bring about change through #SustainaMode movement in social networks, because now a days it is an effective tool of massive scope. Your participation is essential to reach more people and raise awareness in others that the world needs to work differently.Share the picture on your social networks (download here) with #SustainaMode Hashtag accompanied Let’s show our support sharing images and messages in your social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram and / or Twitter). Feel free to customize or tailor messages to reflect your passion or point of view.

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Do not forget to sign your posts with the hashtag #SustainMode 

Social Media messages.

We suggest that when you include Facebook posting form in a call to action or a variation of this post:

In order to create a sustainable world for ourselves and future generations, we all have a role to play, show your support #SustainMode


  • I try my actions leave a green mark on my way #SustainaMode
  • Social responsibility must be part of the main structure of a company #SustainaMode.
  • Toguether we can finance a sustainable future #SustainaMode.
  • Its time for a global climate deal #SustainaMode
  • Climate change puts the global economy at risk #SustainaMode
  • Be the global voice you can all help in differents ways #SustainaMode
  • Climate change puts the global economy at risk #SustainaMove


  • The increase in population creates demand for natural resources, which is causing the depletion of these resources, compromising the health and food security of this generation and future #SustainMode
  • Use clean energies conducive create a better present without compromising future generations #SustainMode
  • Transform business and create a diverse sustainable workforce, the time is now join the force #SustainaMove.

We appreciate your cooperation and support to start promoting a sustainable culture for a better world in time without compromising future generations.
A Chinese proverb says:

You can´t change the world, but someone has to start doing it

Very soon you could keep contributing with more actions towards a better life quality by visiting our blog, joining our professional group on LinkedIn and on our social channels:





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