Horeca & Retailers

Through this enterprises were each final consumer under a triple added value approach that includes:


Cost: Lower dish cost where our technology is applied, logistic costs reduction as we offer higher shelf life and no refrigeration is needed.


Flavor: We conserve the organnoleptic characteristics of the animal protein products, so it is palatable. “You won¥t believe is not the food you had been eating”


Nutrition: We seek to be high in protein, reduced in calories, fat, sugar and cholesterol and to be allergen free so that consumer can be noursihed without risks.


Public and Private Institutions and Organizations.

In Tangible Nous we want to support Governments and Institutions that share our philosophy: to place the human beings at the center of our activities.

We want to nourish more people, and for that reason our technologies can reach more with less resources.

Our offer

We are aware that in the world, one of the main problems in terms of nutrition is the lack of access and affordability of animal protein for the lowest socio-economical levels, so there is a food gap that can be reduced through our technologies.
This is important because all socio-economical levels suffer malnutrition wich also includes overweight, obesity, cardiovascular problems and cancer among other diseases for the excessive consumption of meat and other animal products.
Moreover, the population is growing at a higher rate than animals, so in order to feed the people, animals are mistreated and injected, there is paisture overexploitation and the products are raising prices, so at the end everyone is affected as wellas the planet we live in.

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