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Some of our industries of expertise

• Meat • Confectionerya • Bakery •

• Dairy • HO-RE-CA • Retailers •

Meet our developments for the industry

Benefits for the Industry

  • Cost Reduction
  • Long shelf life
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Synergy with other products used for industrial processes.
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent functionality
  • Original Label can be used
  • Tax reduction.
    • Caloric reduction for any regulation.
    • Fat specialists (Trans free, low saturated fat).
  • Aded value for customers thorugh healthy alternatives.
  • Same organoleptic and functional characteristics than traditional animal protein.
  • Personalized service according to your company formulations.

Awards and Certifications

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San Luis Potosi Technology and Innovation Award

Main recognition for technological innovation in the State


XIV National Technology and Innovation Award

Main award for technological innovation in Mexico

The Quality Awards 2013

Quality award given by The Intercontinental Union for Quality



Excelent Supplier for industrial ingredients

Award for Quality Merits

Given by the National Chamber for the Industry (CANACINTRA)



Mexican Association of Applied Research Directors and the Technological Development

LAQUI 2015

Enteprise of the Year award given by the Latin-American Quality Institute

Exclusive Distributions

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World leader registred trademark funded in 1987, that is a reference in the market of polishes, sealants and release agents for the surface treatment on sweets, chocolates, compounds, rubber gelatine and/or starch including confectionery.

ico_Curt Georgi


One of the most traditional European manufactuers of Aromas and Essences.

Specialist in the manufacture of:

Aromas for the Sweet and Confectionery Industries, Dairy, Bakery and Pastries, and many more.
Aromas for Snuff, cigarettes, cigars and shisha among others.
Perfume Essences for all kinds of applications like body care products, household cleaners, etc.