Extra: “Eggs Crisis Seen Has An Opportunity By Tangible Nous”

Every threat has an opportunity, and is the moment for companies to innovate in order to
continue in the market. That is the case of Tangible Nous, a company specialized in Research
and Development that has what they call “Eggxtender: The Egg, Improved”.

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Eggxtender is an innovation that behaves, tastes and looks like egg! A true revolution in the world of food because it eliminates the harmful parts of the egg and adds healthy and functional benefits. “It is more than Egg” said the company CEO, Aniceto González.  Here we present an interview with the director of the Marketing Department of the company “Ana Carolina Iga ” in which she talks about the features and benefits of Eggxtender.

Why is it better than regular egg?

Benefits for the industry:
No refrigeration is needed, less logistics costs as it can be transported dry, more shelf life, excellent functionality (there is evidence that many products are better when Eggxtender is used instead of Egg).

Benefits for consumers:
Much less colesterol and chalories, allergen-free, Gluten Free, Non GMO.

What kind of dishes can I cook with Eggxtender?

ANY! Mousse, Omelette, Flan, Cakes, Bread… How big is your imagination? In case you represent a company, we give customized support by telling you the exact amount of Eggxtender for any formula.

Is it natural?

Yes, it is made with 100% natural ingredients and is totally non-GMO.

Does it contain egg?

We have different versions of Eggxtender, the Vegan Eggxtender is totally egg-free, however the others do contain egg.

More Information: +52 (444) 8121729 Eggxtender.com

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