Aniceto González: The Steve Jobs of Food.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” (Steve Jobs)

In San Luis Potosí, Mexico there is a Man whom life has given him a chance to survive himself to have time to change the world mouthful by mouthful, Aniceto González.


Father of 3 sons, food engineer from the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí and CEO from his own company Tangible Nous, Aniceto González (Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosí 1962) is definitely one of the world profiles which can successfully mix three facets: an innovative scientific genius, a visionary entrepreneur and a deep humanist, philosophy and thinking lover.

He has many personal merits but the most Tangible, is to create a new food products range that replace animal proteins from those called “essentials”: egg, beef, pig and chicken, between others, with the same taste, texture, and edible characteristics, all their nutritive advantages but without fat and cholesterol.

“The “developed world” is dying because of cholesterol,  the “developing world” is dying because of hunger, that is why we have designed an unique solution” Cheto says with the tranquility of duty in his couch at the general direction office.

And yes, the world is watching amazed the advances in the use of vegetable protein that this scientist-entrepreneur-humanist offers to the world.

“The makers of world science sometimes become obsessed to channel their efforts in generating large phenomenal research and findings but very little useful to improve the practical world. So we chose the way pf disruptive innovation: create things never seen before, suddenly changing habits and behavior , in our case , food . We are the most complete,nutritive , cheaper and more durable alternative to abate hunger of millions of people suffering by not having sustenance every day, ” says Aniceto Gonzalez.

Its products and processes not only now have the backing of large Mexican and transnational companies like Bimbo and Sigma but has recently been awarded the National Prize for Technology and Innovation, which will soon be delivered from the hands of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

“We feel very honored to have been awarded of the national and state prize of technology and innovation for the process we use to develop our Eggxtender (equivalent egg) , because this means all the years of research and resistance have been worth it, our products not only burst like a new and unique alternative for a better nutrition but like a powerful tool to abate big social problems in field health, public social policies, the attention of disaster victims and the economy of popular classes” says Ing. González Vehemencia.

But has not been easy  for Aniceto González, who since more than a decade had tried his lucky and success as an entrepreneur in the industry.

Co-owner of a successful company in partnership with a european corporate food, Aniceto González had already a very important and growing business when two key circumstances came to his life: “The company where I was partner and Development Director, had already years in the market and had achieved to grow in a very important way when I suffered a double twist of fate. On one hand I was diagnosed with kidney cancer (one of the most difficult to treat) and on the other hand I realized terrible prejudice within my company. I had 3 months of life and I was dejected because of my business news, so I had to retire isolation to avoid the devastating situation I was in. When I came back the cancer had disappeared  in a miracle way, then I understood that life had gave me a second chance to start again with new goals and a big objective: transcend in every way.

And so it was, release of his disease and the corporate betrayal suffered, he focused in the development of what now gives him a complete satisfaction and awards.

Aniceto, like Steve Jobs, had to leave his first big achievement in other hands because of the painful defeat suffered of the corporate betrayal. But Aniceto, like Steve Jobs, managed to recover to return and show the world that the best was yet to come.

Engineer González flood the world with a new hope that is taken bite to bite, eat better, healthier and cheaper. Because a world with an ideal technology that continuously suffer lack of bread, is not a world where the smartest people can isolate.

Jesús Aguilar

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