What is Tangible Nous?

NOUS comes from the Greek “Knowledge” or “Wisdom”

TANGIBLE means that can be touched or perceived precisely

Our company is called TANGIBLE NOUS, because is all about knowledge that through innovation processes is converted into real technological products that take the best out of food, eliminates harmful agents and adds them with new advantages.

Tangible Nous is a disruptive innovation company specialized in research and development of food technology.

Our Business

Bring out the best of vegetable protein as an efficient alternative to replace traditional food sources.

Solutions for the Industry

This is our B2B business model, where we provide our technology as Functional Integrated Systems capable of increase product performance while reducing costs.

Applied Technology

The B2C model is achieved through alliances with retailers that place our innovations ad finished goods and through governments and institutions (what we call B2G) allowing citizens to have better nutrition while reducing logistic costs.

Our Objetive

Transform the food industry providing the healthiest, convenient and quality driven food for everyone.

Disruptive Evolution Model

Nous Slider_en_Evolución


Transform the food industry with sustainable, functional, healthy and tasty alternatives through our human sense innovation philosophy, allowing growth of the entire community NOUS.


Place our food innovation in any table, anywhere in the world. We are a company specializing in disruptive innovation research and development of food technology.

Disruptive Evolution, Mission and Our Vision are possible through or Philosophy.